Iron Mountain and CONSOR Joint White Paper: Securitizing and Collateralizing Software Assets for the Capital Markets

La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) November 12, 2008

Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management group (IPM) and CONSOR are looking for additional experts to work on a white paper titled “Securitizing and Collateralizing Intangible Software Assets” see to provide expert commentary, recommendations and practical guidance to the primary and secondary capital markets. This white paper is for the financial community that provides investments (IPO, M&A, LBO, equity or debt position, etc.) to companies that have valuable software assets. The joint white paper is planned for inclusion in the Iron Mountain Knowledge Center to complement the current white paper “Leveraging Software Assets Via the Capital Markets” (see

The intangible assets owned by many enterprises today include traditional IP (trademarks, copyrights, and patents), and non-traditional IP (trade secrets and knowhow). This non-traditional IP is better known as the software inventory. Many investments today are secured using the traditional IP of the organization, but seldom is the nontraditional IP used.

Usually the question of including the software inventory may not have been addressed in the financing, or even thought of, but knowing it’s value and registered position can help manage and leverage the investment. Furthermore, regulations for mergers and buyouts mean that enterprises must estimate the value of existing software inventories anyway for financial and tax reasons, such as required by FASB 141, FASB 142 and FASB 157.

Iron Mountain provides the software inventory to be registered in its Escrow for securitization and CONSOR provides for software identification and valuation analysis. This registry and valuation services assist counsel and stakeholders get a handle on their investment.