MBA Commercial Inc. is Now Offering Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2010 –

MBA Commercial, Inc. is pleased to announce commercial real estate bridge loans and other short-term financing through its relationships with several lenders.

MBA Commercial provides commercial real estate bridge loan financing for the purchase of either performing or non-performing mortgages, the purchase of real estate assets and loan pools, and participating equity and debt mortgages. Borrowers may acquire vacant or partially leased buildings, as well as condominium sales with release prices and prepayment options. Finally, financing is available for the repurchase of discounted debt by an owner, for example, permitting an owher to short pay an existing mortgage.

According to MBA Commercial CEO Brian Yui, “MBA Commercial’s access to bridge and other short-term loans may help some commercial property owners ride out the storm, while enabling others to participate in the lucrative investment opportunities presented in the current market.”

In addition to its varied loan types, MBA Commercial is able to generate short-term financing solutions on a quick turnaround basis. In many cases, same week financing is possible with a complete loan package. Loan size can range from $ 3M to $ 300M, typically financing up to 65% of acquisition costs. With cross-collateralization of other assets, the loan to value ratio may be higher. Terms vary, with points from 3%-6% and interest rates from 12%-18% depending upon the securitization.

As MBA Commercial, Inc. predicted in late 2009, the wave of commercial foreclosures in San Diego is increasing. Research firm Real Capital Analytics Inc. reported that at the end of March 2010, San Diego County had 120 commercial loans in delinquent or default status, with a total value of $ 1.8 billion. According to Bloomberg L.P., in the first quarter of the year, 24.9% of San Diego’s commercial mortgage backed securities loans were on watch lists as lenders anticipated near-term delinquencies. In light of these and other data indicating growing distress, MBA Commercial is pleased to bring short-term financing solutions to the market at this critical time.

MBA Commercial, Inc. is a leader in San Diego commercial real estate. MBA Commercial offers a turn-key service for property management, leasing, sales and financing. Its new Bridge Loan Division provides short-term financing solutions for real estate investors thoughout the United States. MBA Commercial’s bridge loan division can be reached at 888-248-6222.


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