National Mortgage Complaint Center Warns All US Homeowners About Refinancing Scams Foreclosures & Says Time for Justice for Greedy Banks

(Vocus/PRWEB) February 01, 2011

The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “as we enter 2011 we have a lot of really serious concerns related to US homeowners, consumers wishing to purchase a home, and accountability for what got us into this mess in the first place. Things have not improved, and if not the homeowners-the taxpayers should be steamed.” They say, “what concerns us is Federal, or State Law Enforcement are doing little, to nothing about mortgage refinance scam artists, or foreclosure scam artists offering access to interest rates that do not exist, and or foreclosure programs, that require money up front-for nothing.” They say, “what do state, or federal regulators, who are supposed to be protecting consumers, do all day long? They sure and the hell are not doing much to regulate all of this nonsense, and we think all US homeowners, and or taxpayers better wise up. One way, or another you are all paying for this baloney, and will be for as long as you live.”

Refinancing: The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “we think now would be a very smart time to refinance, because we think the realities of the Middle East meltdown mean much higher oil prices, inflation, and interest rates. Even if the US stock market has a meltdown-we think rates are going up-not down–because a Middle East meltdown probably means higher oil prices, and inflation.” They say, “if you see some advertisement for a 3% mortgage-its not a 30 year fixed product, we consider it to be false advertising, and its high time federal, or state regulatory agencies shut these firms down for false, or misleading advertising.”

Foreclosures: The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “in 2011 we will see a record, or close to a record number of foreclosures. We expect an additional price decline of about 10% nationwide. The true national unemployment rate is north of 15%. Add in the Middle East meltdown, and 2011 is starting to look like a train wreck.” They say, “and no–if someone has not made their mortgage payment for a year, or more-why should it be the taxpayers responsibility to bail them out?” However, the National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “there is one exception to this not paying your mortgage payment. In this instance, it applies to 10,000’s of US homeowners stuck in a home with toxic Chinese drywall in the US Southeast. Haven’t heard about toxic Chinese drywall? Well there is a good reason why most US citizens have not yet heard about the toxic Chinese drywall disaster–President Obama has forgotten to mention it one time in public since taking office. Not to worry-we think its in all 50 states-so everyone will know about it one of these days.” They say, “toxic Chinese drywall is the absolute worst environmental disaster to ever impact US homeowners, and here’s the good part—–US banks stuck with a toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures in places like Florida–are simply reselling these toxic homes-As Is-no mention of the fact the home could be lethal to the homeowner, or their children-so the house just becomes a foreclosure all over again.” For more information on the toxic Chinese drywall disaster please visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at

On The Topic Of Greedy Banks Investment Bankers & Accountability: The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “in case you missed it, all of the big time Wall Street investment bankers, banks, international finance people had a big party in Switzerland last week. Apparently they all had a really good 2010. There is one slight problem, we think the US taxpayer picked up the bar tab.” They say, “back in 2006-even 2007, US securities rating agencies were giving questionable Alt A mortgages a triple A rating, just so foolish pension funds would buy these soon to be greatly discounted, or worthless securitized mortgages.” The group says, “the same people/firms at the free bar in Switzerland last week, were telling investors, and the US consumers, the US real estate party would go on forever back in 2006, and even 2007. They were all lying through their teeth, and now the US taxpayer gets stuck with trillions? We say its time for indictments!”

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Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Endorses National Construction Warranty Program For Investors & Takes On Florida Banks & Flippers Dumping Chinese Drywall Foreclosures

(Vocus/PRWEB) March 07, 2011

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center warning all US banks about dumping toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures on unsuspecting new buyers, with the only disclosure being-As Is. They say, “We can prove major US banks are dumping toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures on unsuspecting new buyers, with the only disclosure being-As Is. The same bank then turns around and puts a new mortgage on the house, with no disclosure to the pension fund, or investor, that buys the securitized mortgage. We call that securities fraud, and we are demanding a criminal SEC securities fraud probe.” The group is also warning all home buyers in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and or Southeast Texas to not buy any home, condo, or town home without having the property thoroughly tested for toxic Chinese drywall. They say, “Because of hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Rita, and Ivan, we have to include storm damaged homes in all US Gulf States, so our time frames for new homes, subdivisions, or condos from 2000 to 2008 just went out the window-translation it could be in any hurricane damaged home.” The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, “Just because there is no federal leadership from the Obama Administration, from the US EPA, the CDC, or the absolutely pathetic US Consumer Products Safety Commission, it should not mean it is open season for Florida real estate flippers to dump an un-repaired toxic Chinese drywall home foreclosure-with no disclosure, on a completely innocent consumer, or family. Why even have an Attorney General in Florida, or Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and or Southeast Texas?” http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, “We have no issue with honest investors buying toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures in Florida, or the US Gulf States, as long as they buy the warranty products of the National Construction Warranty Program, and they hire a very ethical contractor, who will strictly adhere to the National Construction Warranty Program’s remediation protocol.” The group is saying, “investors involved with these flippers in Florida, and other US Gulf States, who are doing no actual repairs to these toxic Chinese drywall home foreclosures are out of their minds-just wait until the health related exposure to toxic Chinese drywall personal injury lawsuits start.” They say, “We are calling banks, and real estate flippers out for their reprehensible behavior, and we will stop them. As a indication of our resolve, we have designed a service, that will help advise honest Chinese drywall home investors on what to buy, how much to pay, suggest ethical contractors, and strategies. Our one, and only caveat is the investor buys the products from, and strictly adheres to the remediation standards set by the National Construction Warranty Program. This way everyone wins-including the investor, the ultimate consumer, and their family.” http://NationalCDW.Com

For more information about symptoms of toxic Chinese drywall, or information related to toxic Chinese drywall please visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center’s web site at http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center, or its parent group Americas Watchdog was not paid a fee, or given any type of compensation for their endorsement of the National Construction Warranty Program. The group says, “We have endorsed the National Construction Warranty Program because its the only sensible game in town for repairing a toxic Chinese drywall home, and because we feel like it was the right thing to do.”


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Southside Financial Group Launches National Subprime Loan Portfolio Program to Help Franchised and Independent Auto Dealers Achieve Greater Liquidity

Arlington, TX (PRWEB) October 17, 2011

Southside Financial Group (, an active purchaser of auto finance receivables, today announced the launch of a nationwide program to purchase existing near prime and subprime auto loan portfolios from franchised and independent auto dealers.

Southside Financial Groups program includes near prime and subprime portfolios ranging from $ 500,000 to $ 40 million, service released; all portfolios are held on the balance sheet and serviced internally. The program is highly efficient with a 7-10 day total turnaround from analysis to closing, and will target accounts with 60-90 day pay history. Since the inception of this program Southside Financial Group has actively purchased and closed portfolios from dealers in Oklahoma, California, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi and Texas with other purchases scheduled to close in Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina . Funding is made possible by Southsides parent bank, with the added advantage of no need to securitize plus a more stable cost of funds.

Franchised and independent dealers have responded extremely positively to this new loan portfolio program as they can achieve greater liquidity in their business ventures by letting us purchase their existing portfolios of near prime and subprime loans, Southside Financial Group COO Henry Gonzales commented. Our executive team has purchased over $ 2 billion of prime, near prime and subprime loans in the past three years and their expertise and service is beyond compare. We can analyze and review a portfolio and offer attractive pricing and very quick funding, with a 7-10 day total turn around. Southside also builds relationships with each dealer to insure a smooth transition plus long term customer satisfaction.

Southside Financial offers complete transparency and up-front pricing based on its superior analytics. A due diligence team will evaluate all loans to maximize return without interrupting the dealerships existing business, ensuring a seamless transition.

About Southside Financial

Southside Financial Group is an active purchaser of auto finance receivables and its executive management team has over 75 years of combined industry experience. It is a wholly owned affiliate of Southside Bank, one of the nations largest independent banks with $ 3.2 Billion in assets. Southside Financial Group buys sub-prime through near prime auto paper, servicing released, from banks, credit unions, auto dealers, and other financial institutions nationwide. The companys aggressive pricing and experience across all credit spectrums make it an industry leader. For more information visit: or call: 266-590-7734


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Litigation Boutique Reilly Pozner on The National Law Journals Inaugural Litigation Boutiques Hot List

Denver (PRWEB) February 17, 2012

The litigation boutique Reilly Pozner has been selected to The National Law Journals inaugural Litigation Boutiques Hot List, an exclusive group of 10 firms in the country that take second place to no one in courtroom skill.

Reilly Pozner is one of those firms important clients turn to for state-of-the-art advocacy in bet-the-company cases, the Journal reported. They also represent an avenue to practice high-end law on a more human scale than perhaps is offered by larger firms.

With just under 30 lawyers, Reilly Pozner has roughly tripled in size since it was established it in 2000. Many of its lawyers are younger than 40 years old. All of its lawyers, except former state appellate court judge and partner Sean Connelly, are based in Denver. Connelly heads the firm’s Washington office which opened last year. While an assistant United States attorney, Connelly was the lead appellate lawyer in the Oklahoma City bombing prosecutions. In all, the firm has served as lead counsel in more than 40 states.

In an interview with the Journal, co-founding partner Dan Reilly discussed prominent cases in which the firm has recently been involved, one of which many believe will wind up before the Colorado Supreme Court. He also talked about the firms mantra which devolves from the firms unique logo, a gargoyle. The mantra flowing from the medieval guardian is Protect and Prevail. However, co-founding partner Reilly points out the firms bold choice for branding itself hardly reflects a traditional approach to practice.

National Educations SAGE Tuition Advantage program offers a 0% APR* financing option for students.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 24, 2012

National Educations SAGE Tuition Advantage program offers a 0% APR* financing option for students.

At a time when tuition and discount rates are at record highs, National Education and SAGE Scholars have created a product for schools to increase net tuition revenue, promote student retention and manage tuition discount rates.

SAGE Tuition Advantage is a 0% APR* financing option that schools can offer their students in lieu of a discount. The program does not affect any of the schools current revenue from other sources such as Federal Direct Loans, private loans or tuition payments made by the students and their families. Colleges simply replace a portion of their current unfunded discount dollars with SAGE Tuition Advantage.

The program is attractive to both schools and students because of the 0% APR* financing. Payments are deferred until 6 months after separation from school and no interest is charged until the loan converts to repayment. Students are rewarded by having a portion of the principal balance forgiven if they graduate from the issuing institution and another portion forgiven for making timely payments.

Schools make no up front investment and benefit from partnering with a nationally recognized servicer to administer the program (National Education Servicing received Exceptional Performer recognition from the Department of Education). The additional revenue stream to the school occurs as the loans are repaid, and in a lump sum when the loans are securitized. Matt Scotty, President of National Education says Schools are excited about the benefits of this new tool: increased net tuition revenue with a long term payment plan and 0% APR to students and families.

Just how much money can be saved? Colleges can explore projected revenue figures by visiting:

*0% APR with earned benefits, 2.55% APR without.

SAGE Scholars, Inc., established in 1995, has created the nations largest private college savings program, with more than 190,000 participating students and 288 participating colleges (43 states). Families who save in programs such as the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin state 529 Plans are rewarded with Tuition Reward Points similar to frequent flyer miles that can be redeemed for guaranteed minimum discounts if students are admitted to and attend a member college, beginning with the freshman year.

National Education, established in 1988, is a financial solution company sharply focused on developing, marketing, originating and servicing education financial products. National Education has received the Exceptional Performer designation from the U.S. Department of Education.

For more information, contact:

Matt Scotty at 800.345.4325 ext 5173, President, National Education Servicing

Justine Gianandrea at 800.345.4325 ext 5324, Senior Vice President, National Education Servicing

Dr. Jim Johnston at 215.564.9930, President, SAGE Scholars


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National Commercial Mortgage Firm Now Offering Recourse and Non-Recourse Commercial Mortgages Nationwide.

(PRWEB) February 20, 2013

Clopton Capital is a nationwide commercial actual estate finance agency that resources loans by way of insurance policies companies, cmbs securitizations, and financial institutions. The organization has been in procedure because 2007 and has developed its lending pipelines significantly 12 months over yr.


The firm now delivers both recourse and non-recourse bank loan possibilities with quantities ranging from $ one million up to $ 50 million with tailor produced expression and maturity possibilities relying on the choice and/or necessity of the borrower. Presently, the organization is aggressively in search of refinance and acquisition options for which it can deploy capital for a different selection of business residence sorts and in all markets during the region.


Clopton Money ranks as a single of the most lively and dynamic industrial genuine estate finance companies providing lending options nationwide for income creating qualities. Providing professional mortgages, construction loans, bridge financial loans, and CMBS financial loans to borrowers for a various selection of home types and possession structures, Clopton Funds has the functionality to satisfy nearly any lending wants of home owners and professionals.


For more info make contact with a bank loan officer by contacting 866-647-1650 or pay a visit to


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