MBA Commercial Offers Short Sale Solutions for Distressed Commercial Properties to Avoid Foreclosure

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2010

MBA Commercial, one of San Diegos premiere commercial real estate brokers, has cash buyers available to relieve commercial real estate owners of unserviceable debt. Owners can save their credit by participating in a short sale versus a foreclosure. Lenders net approximately 15-20% more through a short sale than a foreclosure, providing them with incentive to satisfy a larger portion of debt.

According to MBA Commercial CEO Brian Yui, MBA Commercials access to ready buyers and ability to quickly and efficiently complete short sales on behalf of distressed property owners can significantly reduce damage to credit.

As MBA Commercial, Inc. predicted in late 2009, the wave of commercial foreclosures in San Diego is increasing. Researcher Real Capital Analytics Inc. reported that at the end of March 2010, San Diego County had 120 commercial loans in delinquent or default status, with a total value of $ 1.8 billion. According to Bloomberg L.P., in the first quarter of the year, 24.9% of San Diegos commercial mortgage backed securities loans were on watch lists as lenders anticipated near-term delinquencies. In response to this growing need, MBA Commercial has established a short sale unit comprising experienced negotiators and closers dedicated to assisting commercial property holders dispose of their non-performing assets.

The model is similar to residential short sales: For commercial owners carrying debt higher than the current value of their properties, MBA Commercial can provide a cash buyer for fair market value. MBA then negotiates with the lender to release the owners note for the value of the sale, even though the owner owes more than the property is worth. The owner of the building avoids foreclosure and the bank avoids the legal fees and carrying cost associated with a foreclosure. The lender ultimately nets more money and avoids the risk of taking title to the property.

In addition to short sales, MBA Commercial specializes in short payoffs. The company has bridge financing lenders who are able to loan the majority of loan payoff amounts. Bridge financing costs are generally two to five points with interest rates ranging from 12-15% depending upon securitization and assumption of risk. Much like choosing a short sale over foreclosure, short payoffs can save a commercial property owners credit as well reducing or eliminating personal guarantees.

MBA Commercial has long anticipated the downturn in San Diegos commercial property market and is now poised to assist owners in debt while generating profits for investors. Says Yui, These individuals become free of the debt they can no longer service and the properties are restored to profitability, benefiting the local economy. Its a win-win, something we dont often see in the current market.

MBA Commercial, Inc. is a leader in San Diego commercial real estate. MBA Commercial offers a turn-key solution for property management, leasing, sales and financing. Its new Short Sale Division provides bridge loans as well as short sale opportunities for commercial property owners. For further information, please call 888-248-6222.


National Educations SAGE Tuition Advantage program offers a 0% APR* financing option for students.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 24, 2012

National Educations SAGE Tuition Advantage program offers a 0% APR* financing option for students.

At a time when tuition and discount rates are at record highs, National Education and SAGE Scholars have created a product for schools to increase net tuition revenue, promote student retention and manage tuition discount rates.

SAGE Tuition Advantage is a 0% APR* financing option that schools can offer their students in lieu of a discount. The program does not affect any of the schools current revenue from other sources such as Federal Direct Loans, private loans or tuition payments made by the students and their families. Colleges simply replace a portion of their current unfunded discount dollars with SAGE Tuition Advantage.

The program is attractive to both schools and students because of the 0% APR* financing. Payments are deferred until 6 months after separation from school and no interest is charged until the loan converts to repayment. Students are rewarded by having a portion of the principal balance forgiven if they graduate from the issuing institution and another portion forgiven for making timely payments.

Schools make no up front investment and benefit from partnering with a nationally recognized servicer to administer the program (National Education Servicing received Exceptional Performer recognition from the Department of Education). The additional revenue stream to the school occurs as the loans are repaid, and in a lump sum when the loans are securitized. Matt Scotty, President of National Education says Schools are excited about the benefits of this new tool: increased net tuition revenue with a long term payment plan and 0% APR to students and families.

Just how much money can be saved? Colleges can explore projected revenue figures by visiting:

*0% APR with earned benefits, 2.55% APR without.

SAGE Scholars, Inc., established in 1995, has created the nations largest private college savings program, with more than 190,000 participating students and 288 participating colleges (43 states). Families who save in programs such as the Pennsylvania and Wisconsin state 529 Plans are rewarded with Tuition Reward Points similar to frequent flyer miles that can be redeemed for guaranteed minimum discounts if students are admitted to and attend a member college, beginning with the freshman year.

National Education, established in 1988, is a financial solution company sharply focused on developing, marketing, originating and servicing education financial products. National Education has received the Exceptional Performer designation from the U.S. Department of Education.

For more information, contact:

Matt Scotty at 800.345.4325 ext 5173, President, National Education Servicing

Justine Gianandrea at 800.345.4325 ext 5324, Senior Vice President, National Education Servicing

Dr. Jim Johnston at 215.564.9930, President, SAGE Scholars


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