Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC Announces Second Quarter Results

(PRWEB) August 13, 2009

Studio City, CA Buoyed by an insatiable investor appetite for Selling Structured Settlements and Lottery Payment investments, Woodbridge has reported record second quarter results. Scott Schwartz, executive vice president of Woodbridge announced, “Since the financial meltdown of fourth quarter we have seen incredible demand from both the selling side and investor side.

Our customers now have only one way of realizing cash and that is from the sale of their structured settlements or annuity. The days of refinancing and taking on new credit card debt are over as banks have cut way back and reduced credit lines and credit card limits for customers.”

Schwartz continued, “On the investor side since the securitization market collapsed and we switched over to marketing our products to private investors we have been inundated with investors seeking the safety and comfort of high yielding investments backed by “A” Rated insurance companies or state lotteries.”

Schwartz added, “Our product is one notch under treasury and yield 500 to 700 basis points more. It’s is no wonder that our product is flying out the door.”

Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC is a pioneer in the financial services industry. Over fifteen years ago, we innovated the purchase of future payments in return for a lump sum. Since 1993, Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC, its predecessor companies and founders, have bought hundreds of millions of dollars of lottery winnings, jackpots, structured settlements, annuities, mortgages and deeds of trusts–one satisfied customer at a time.

Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC can be found online at http://woodbridgeinvestments.com/

Press Contact:

Scott Schwartz

Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC


(866) 865-7044


DNA Results of the Former Dictator’s Body Expected to Crack Open a Long-Held Secret, Says Dr. Aura Imbarus, Author of the Just Released Out of the Transylvania Night

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 3, 2010

Such is the historical sweep and intimate detail in this Pulitzer-Prize entry: In Out of the Transylvania Night, Dr. Aura Imbarus vividly details Christmas Day 1989, when she, her parents and hundreds of shoppers drew sudden sniper fire as Romania descended into the violence of a revolution that challenged one of the most draconian regimes in the Soviet bloc. Aura recalls a grisly execution that rocked the world and led to five harrowing days of bloody chaos as she and her family struggled to survive. The next day, Communist-controlled television released photos showing that Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife had been assassinated–though many Romanians, the author included, believed the executions had been staged since Ceausescu was known for using five stand-ins to pose for him.

Nevertheless, Aura tries to convince herself that life post-revolution will be different, but little changes. On May 7, 1997, with two pieces of luggage and a powerful dream, Aura and her new husband flee to America. Through sacrifice and hard work, the couple acquires a home, cars, and travel–but trying to be American is much more complicated than they expect. More difficulties set in: the stock market crash takes their savings, house, and cars; thieves steal three centuries’ worth of heirloom jewels; and Aura’s beloved mother dies.

Aura’s marriage crumbles under the stress. Devastated, she asks herself, “How much of one’s life is owed to others?” and “Is it possible to straddle two cultures and not lose one’s identity?” Tested even further by the vagaries of fate, Aura realizes that to resurrect herself, she must reconstruct her life. She becomes involved with the Romanian-American Professionals Network (RAPN), whose mission is to help Romanian immigrants adjust to American life without sacrificing their heritage. Aura discovers a startling truth about striking a balance between one’s dreams and the sacrifices and compromises that allow for serenity, selfhood, and a sense of “home.” With this new depth of insight, her life begins to resurrect. She reunites with Michael, and establishes herself as an award-wining educator and a leader in RAPN. From the days in Romania when she would stand outside Olympic champion Nadia Comaneci’s fence trying to get a glimpse of this international superstar, she is now asked to help Nadia–who herself is now a “Romanian-American”–raise funds for her children’s clinic in Bucharest. Aura now sees her life from a more worldly perspective.

“I had to reclaim where I came from,” she explains. “I had been so set on blocking out my past and conquering the American dream that I lost sight of me and all that I’d worked for. In reconnecting with my community, I’m energized again, and focused on what is real and lasting in life.”

About Aura Imabrus

Aura Imbarus, PhD, is a former popular journalist in Europe, university professor, speaker, and award-winning educator. She is co-founder and ambassador of the Romanian-American Professional Network (RAPN) and the president of its Los Angeles chapter. She is also president of EuroCircle’s Los Angeles chapter.

Born in Sibiu, Romania, she earned her PhD in Romance Languages-Philology under the tutelage of Professor Dumitru Cicio-Pop, PhD, who writes the Foreword for her book. (Dr. Ciocoi-Pop is the former president of Lucian Blaga University. A popular activist for human rights, he was imprisoned for two years for speaking out against the Communist regime.) Aura is currently an educator in the Los Angeles school system and a professor in the California College system. She lives in Los Angeles. For more information visit: http://www.AuraImbarus.com /

About Out of the Transylvania Night

Bettie Youngs Books

Released September 29, 2010

302 pages/ $ 14.95/ ISBN: 978-0-9843081-2-5


About Bettie Youngs Books

Bettie Youngs Books Publishers specializes in memoirsbooks that celebrate fascinating people and remarkable journeys.

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eOriginal and DocuSign Announce Joint Webinar Likely Paperless: A Checklist for Electronic Good results

Baltimore, Md. (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

eOriginal, Inc., a leader in digital transaction management answers, and DocuSign, the worldwide normal for eSignature, are thrilled to announce a joint webinar event concentrating on supplying companies looking to go electronic in 2013 a checklist for digital success. A lot more businesses are discovering the positive aspects (and problems) of heading paperless, and usually these transitions do not come with an instruction manual.


Throughout this stay best methods webinar participants will receive advice and listen to good results tales from industry professionals and present customers. At the conclude of the presentation, attendees will have a road map to converting paper intense processes and transactions to a a hundred% lawfully enforceable electronic format. eOriginal and DocuSign have grow to be the business common in compliance and acceptance amid collateral agents, ratings organizations and third social gathering banks and funders throughout the entire world.


Have been enthusiastic to provide our combined market knowledge to support achieve essential insight on aspects encompassing adoption of an digital remedy. There are a whole lot of components to contemplate when likely digital, from shopper notion to ratings company acceptance, and we hope this webinar will give the assistance required to choose the right resolution to assist and enhance your corporations workflow whilst benefiting from the competitive advantage of closing a deal whenever, everywhere on any unit. – Samantha Moritz, Alliance Supervisor, eOriginal, Inc.


Be a part of their webinar and discover how to productively:


Get rid of Mail, Fax and Storage Fees- permit on the internet obtain to paperwork while preserving stability, legality and audit trails.&#13

Work with Paper-based mostly Parties- complement other get-togethers who still require paper transactions.&#thirteen

Use Present Systems- maintain compliance and management of your digital paperwork by integrating with existing methods. &#13

Assess Your Organization Requirements- take into account recent organization procedures and discover the proper solution.&#13

Assess Distributors- utilize important strategies when assessing distinct electronic solutions.&#13

Velocity Time to Funding- transfer, collateralize or securitize faster and simpler.&#thirteen

Utilize Market Best Practices – hear top tools lease and economic sector trends, alongside with important use situations.


If youre an organization searching to achieve perception on how to efficiently apply an digital paperless procedure for your company, then you wont want skip this celebration! Register here: https://www.docusign.com/webinars/heading-paperless-checklist-electronic-accomplishment?jumpid=eOriginalWBServices1212NA


Be part of DocuSign and eOriginal to find out how to go paperless and obtain digital good results!


About eOriginal, Inc.&#13