Overture Technologies Develops Online Service to Provide Students with More Secure, Reliable Way to Shop for Private Student Loans

Bethesda, Maryland (PRWEB) April 16, 2009

Overture Technologies, the leading provider of decisioning software solutions that enable transparent, accurate and responsive lending processes for the mortgage and education finance industries, has announced the development of an online service that will be able to provide a more secure, reliable way for students to shop for private student loans. The Student Loan Marketplace is an innovative education financing tool that can help students and their families learn about and compare loan terms in an open and transparent network of lenders.

Overture plans to launch the service through marketing partners, such as associations of colleges and universities, and with participating lenders. The Student Loan Marketplace is the first multi-lender platform that allows students to review reliable private student loan terms based on their own personal and financial information instead of “as low as” advertisements for rates.

Amid the current rising costs of college and challenging economic environment, U.S. Department of Education data indicates applications for federal student aid in 2009 have increased by more than 20 percent over the same period last year. After exhausting all available scholarships, grants, work-study and low-cost federal loans, many students often must consider private student loans to finance part of the cost of education. This search has proven to be a challenge for many students, particularly those with little or no credit record, as the strain on credit markets has also resulted in a contraction of lending sources.

According to a College Board report on student borrowing trends, private student loan volume accounts for almost 25 percent of total education loan volume. The Student Loan Marketplace has been created to give students a secure, transparent resource where they can be matched with lenders to choose a loan based on the criteria that is most important to their individual situations.

*More Secure, Reliable Comparison Shopping for Students Who Are New to Borrowing

Currently, students new to borrowing are faced with a very confusing and time-consuming process to make apples-to-apples comparisons of private student loan terms from multiple lenders. If a student wishes to compare accurate rates and terms, he or she must enter personal information at each lender’s web site and consent to a credit pull before obtaining information suitable for comparison shopping, and then determine how to interpret calculations of APR and other costs across various loan products. With just one credit pull, The Student Loan Marketplace presents a side-by-side comparison of reliable loan products and terms on one page, and provides helpful explanations of terms.

“We built the Marketplace to put students in control of their private loans, giving them unprecedented insight into the details of the loan options available to them,” said David Kirby, general manager of Overture Technologies’ Education Finance Solutions group. “The Marketplace platform enables reliable comparisons of multiple private student loans in minutes – until now, no resource like this has been available.”

New Payment Office Monitoring Service Tracks DoD Invoices

Fairfax County, Virginia (PRWEB) June 1, 2009

A new “payment office monitoring service” (POMS) tracks invoices, making billing and collections faster, better, and more reliable at a price 35% to 55% lower than comparable processes performed in-house by accounting staff.

Developed by the Accounts Receivable Management Corporation (armcor.com Ltd.), POMS for DFAS is for contractors that submit invoices to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

“I’ve been involved with the A/R side of the government contracting world for nearly twenty years, and I know that POMS will make contractors more efficient and profitable,” says John Fedewa, President. “POMS tracks more than 50 data points about each invoice, helping subscribers detect problems right away, before they become costly and disruptive.”

Offered with a no-obligation 40-day trial, POMS for DFAS provides subscribers with an e‑mail notification summary of all changes to submitted invoices 2, 3, or 5 times a week. Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions are available.

After the free trial period, POMS for DFAS costs as little as 22 cents per day per invoice. Actual rates vary according to monitoring frequency and the quantity of invoices to be tracked, and discounts are given for longer subscription commitments.

“The bottom line is that tracking a typical Net 30 invoice with POMS for DFAS will cost an active biller between just $ 6.65 and $ 15.11,” says Fedewa. “That’s an expense that pays for itself many times over in saved staff time, reduced average days outstanding, and increased cash flow. With POMS for DFAS, you’ll never get blindsided by a collections crisis.”

According to Fedewa, POMS will offer additional enhancements and expanded capabilities in the future.

See payofficemonitor.com for more information.

About the Accounts Receivable Management Corporation:

The Accounts Receivable Management Corporation (armcor.com Ltd.) is a niche financial services company based in Greater Metropolitan Washington, DC. Founded in 1999, armcor.com is a provider of working capital sourcing, collections, A/R consulting, and specialized factoring services underwritten by private lenders securitized by government receivables. armcor.com currently offers POMS to prime contractors serving military agencies of the United States government CONUS, OCONUS, in theater, and throughout the world.

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Global Debt Registry Recognized as Visa PCI DSS Validated Service Provider

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) February 2, 2011

Global Debt Registry (GDR) is pleased to announce that it is now included on Visas list of PCI DSS compliant Service Providers. Inclusion on this list is a public recognition by VISA of GDRs commitment to the very highest industry standards for protecting confidential consumer data throughout the securitization and receivable lifecycle management process.

GDRs commitment to protecting consumer data as evidenced by our PCI DSS compliance positions GDR as a leader in the processing and protection of consumer data, said Mark Parsells, Executive Chairman of GDR. Meeting the requirements to be on the VISA List of Compliance Service Providers along with our delivery of ground-breaking products and services cements our leadership position and creates unparalleled assurances for our clients that their data is protected.

At GDR, our entire business is based upon data and document integrity and security. If you cannot adequately protect data and documents, you cannot assure their integrity, said Greg Ousley, CEO of GDR. We have produced the securitization and ARM industrys first PCI-compliant AR-titling, data integrity, and media management platform. Our system effectively ‘titles’ pre and post charged-off debt, creating greater protection for consumers, reduced transactional risks, and enhanced ROI for Securitization and ARM industry participants. GDRs breakthrough patent-pending technologies are answering the demand from investors, securitizers, servicers, regulators, judges, consumer attorneys, consumer advocates, and legislators for a higher level of transparency and integrity throughout the receivables securitization, performing and recovery life cycle. Achieving Visa PCI DSS validation affirms our capabilities and establishes us as a benchmark for the Securitization and ARM industries.

For more information about PCI DSS visit http://www.pcisecuritystandards.org. For information about Visa PCI DSS Validated Providers visit http://www.usa.visa.com/download/merchants/cisp-list-of-pcidss-compliant-service-providers.pdf. For more information about Global Debt Registry contact Greg Ousley, CEO, at 866-660-2341 ceo(at)globaldebtregistry(dot)com, or visit http://www.globaldebtregistry.com.

About Global Debt Registry

Global Debt Registry delivers significant consumer protections as well as measurable ROI benefits to all participants in the Accounts Receivable Industry by providing the nations only proven, patent-pending AR titling solution. GDRs customizable platform provides a comprehensive Data Integrity, Chain of Title, and Turnkey Media Management solution. GDR maintains the integrity of traded data and documentation (validates debt); maintains accurate ownership (account-level chain of title); and provides automated access for media lifecycle management. The Company offers a customizable platform both in the performing and non-performing Securitization and ARM industry markets.

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Innovative e-Discovery Service provider e-Logic Team Tranforms and Requires Real Estate Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Examination to the Up coming and Right Degree

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) July 07, 2012

As a lot more companies supply Bloomberg Terminal Education to sprouting audit report firms, miss out on the necessity and requirement of a qualified report and as a outcome, purchasers of a securitization audit report devote hundreds on worthless paper. “e-Logic’s sister organization Anthony Martinez &amp Associates(“AMA”) has supplied Authorized Procedure Outsourcing (“LPO”) Services in financial loan amount litigation since 2008 and we’ve been identifying fraud-securitization in draft pleadings and memorandums for lawyers since then” states Anthony Martinez, President and Main Executive Officer of e-Logic Group, Inc.


Mr. Martinez has provided sophisticated discovery services and consulting for over sixteen years. As a Discovery Skilled, Specialist and Strategist, Mr. Martinez is fluent in obtaining the “using tobacco gun”. “Move previous straightforward certification in a study tool like Bloomberg where you spend a few of thousand a thirty day period for terminal access to locate the have confidence in info. You have these securitization reports stating details also loosely like financial institution, originator, sponsor, depositor, issuing entity, underwriter and many others. with no totally examining each and every of their roles. Did the securitization paperwork exist before the matter loan was consummated? If so, did the Sponsor give a warehouse line of credit history to the originating parties and if so, did the cash transfer to the Originator straight from the Sponsor or did the cash transfer straight from the funding resource to the Seller? These are all crucial concerns when the mortgage docs discover a loan company who never ever lent something and the actual Financial institution/Creditor remained undisclosed. This is discovery at its best. Why would any individual depend on a report that presented anything considerably less? Audit organizations supply an injustice when they provide a report with charts and graphs that say a bank loan was in the believe in and ABC Mortgage Firm was the financial institution with no being aware of for particular the loan company in fact lent the funds.”


Relocating previous the days of traditional discovery whereby war rooms have been developed by regulation firms and loaded with temp attorneys to shift by way of containers and bins of paperwork to decide responsive as opposed to non-responsive paperwork, e-Logic Team has incorporated e-discovery system automated analytics into its securitization examination to discover crucial details inside of SEC filed paperwork coupled with “tagging and flagging”, a phrase typically utilized when critical and vital info is located. “Now that you’ve got located the crucial info what do you do with it? Lawyers want to know the above financial institution/creditor concerns coincides with violations of Mortgage Fraud and Buyer Defense and Misleading Techniques Functions. They want insight into relevant circumstances specific to their state and federal district courts” says Martinez. Securitization stories typically include fluff about MERS and inaccurate authorized conclusions as an alternative of one hundred% factual details an lawyer can use. Those who supply the report generally do not supply a Curriculum Vitae (“CV”) demonstrating their skills, track record and experience that qualifies their view. Most would not in shape the expert witness conditions leaving most securitization reports ineffective.


Effectively earlier the times of foreclosure protection, Mr. Martinez now provides his substantial understanding and experience as a Discovery Skilled, Consultant and Strategist to the Webinar and Seminar Circuit to pass on vital info to attorneys across the United States. “If I needed to quit a Warlord from genocide in Africa and confronted him by myself he’d eliminate me and would most definitely make an case in point out of me. But, if I went above there with an army of two hundred,000 soldiers I am positive the end result would be diverse. I know that might look a bit excessive but so is young children getting rid of their bedrooms and the risk-free sense of stability they acquire increasing up in a residence. Neither the fraudclosers nor the courts identify the hurt completed to a child who loses their perception of security when they drop their residence. All attorneys and their clients want is judgment on the merits. There are in excess of 90,000 certified attorney’s in the state of Florida by yourself. I’m self-assured I have a information foundation that can effect alter, will provide attorney’s with a successful tool box that not only makes use of e-Logic’s Advanced Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Analysis’ but also gives a way to degree the actively playing area to make it enterprise wise for them to have interaction.”


To learn more about e-Logic obtain their most recent White Paper here.


About e-Logic Group, Inc. – e-Logic is one of the most advanced e-Discovery Vendors in the industry right now that utilizes point out of the art technological innovation that incorporates clever algorithms and analytics to automate details processing. e-Logic is now a company of high end Sophisticated Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Examination Reviews for attorneys engaged in mortgage level litigation involving fraud.


About Anthony Martinez – Mr. Martinez is a prime Discovery Professional, Expert and Strategist in the industry right now with above 16 many years of expertise in sophisticated litigation discovery and e-discovery matters. A veteran of the gulf war, Mr. Martinez is at the moment the President and CEO of e-Logic Group, Inc., Executive Director of Anthony Martinez &amp Associates, a major LPO Provider Service provider and is the Author of Discovery Tactics, a major Weblog that discusses genuine house litigation matters, case law and other subject areas.


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