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Mortgage Securitization is that the bundling or pooling of an outsized cluster of mortgages that are placed into a trust within which shares of the trust are sold to investors. typically the whole pool is sold to one investment entity or an outsized institutional investor. usually these mortgages are sold many times before being placed during a final trust. This method needs that there are true sales and an unbroken chain of assignments between all parties within the method which all loans enter the trust by the deadline, that is sort of a steel door that can’t be opened once the deadline.

Financial and Securitization Audit

A securitization audit is an audit is performed to trace the paper path from the mortgage and note to the servicer of the trust account. This audit confirms whether or not or not a correct assignment befell on a Mortgage and Note from the originator to the trust account or note holder.
The audit is conducted by reviewing all recorded paperwork of correct|the right|the correct}ty address to confirm that the proper assignments were filed with the county’s recorder’s workplace. These assignments ought to happen within the correct allotted time-frame set forth by the Pooling and Servicing agreement of the trust.

Once confirmed, the auditor creates in depth reports relating to the findings to form positive that no UCC, SEC, State, or Federal laws were broken. This ensures that the consumer is paying the proper person which the person collecting the payments for the trust is that the actual servicer of the mortgage note. However, the method of documenting all the transactions for the entire mortgage transfer must adhere to the applicable state and federal laws.


Forensic (RESPA and TILA) Audit

The common apply nowadays is for mortgages to be sold through the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). When a mortgage is traded through the MERS the transactions occur electronically and might occur terribly quickly. Recent transactions show that a lot of of those MERS transactions did not manufacture the desired paperwork to properly and legally assign a mortgage. If a mortgagee is unable to provide this paperwork when conducting a foreclosure, then they can’t prove that they’re the rightful owner, and can not have the correct standing in court to proceed with a foreclosure action.


Securitization and Financial Audit

A securitization audit serves to spot the paper path and prove whether or not or not a mortgagee either has the legal right to foreclose. If not, then it’s attainable that a home homeowners attorney will have the foreclosure action postponed till the correct documentation are often created.


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