Global Debt Registry Responds to 60-Minutes Segment on the Failure of Documentation in Mortgage Backed Securities — A Solution Exists

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) April 11, 2011

Global Debt Registry (GDR) has a solution to fix the documentation issues raised in the broadcast of 60 Minutes on CBS, Sunday, April 3, 2011. GDRs patent pending solution is designed to facilitate both legally rebuilding existing faulty mortgage titles that have been securitized and to properly record all such assignments for past and future transactions. Our solution will give peace of mind to investors, regulators, consumers, and bank participants. Once broadly implemented, GDRs solution will:

1) inject integrity and transparency into the management and validation process for the recording and multiple assignments of mortgages that occur(red) during the origination and securitization process;

2) flood county governments with recording and assignment fees by managing required filings of all past and present MERS assignments as well as new filings at a time when every county needs new sources of revenue;

3) will solve the banking industrys problem surrounding proof of ownership on securitized mortgage documents; and

4) be the catalyst to revive the private sector global securitization market providing desperately needed liquidity to the economy.

Global Debt Registry is uniquely positioned to solve the problem surrounding the inability to identify the owners of mortgages that have been or will be securitized in the future, said Mark Parsells, Executive Chairman of GDR and former senior banking executive at Citigroup, Bank One and American Express. The industry wants to do the right thing to protect consumers as well as the assets entrusted to them by shareholders of their respective companies they just havent had a solution that will accomplish both of those goals until now.

GDRs solution is clean and simple. The Company provides a central repository in which all mortgage originators can register mortgages that are marked to be securitized. Then, as the mortgage begins its journey through the securitization process, GDR will ensure that each transfer is properly recorded and assigned in the appropriate counties. Each county will be paid the fees that are required by the purchaser. GDR will house the electronic records of each transfer in our highly scalable and secure database. This will ensure that each and every mortgage that is securitized will be transferred properly with the appropriate assignee and showing that each time the mortgage traded hands that it is in the appropriate county records and that all required government service fees have been paid.

In 2006, Global Debt Registry (GDR) began development of a new enterprise platform built to track ownership, ensure traded data validity, and centralize document management for account and portfolio level transactions on consumer debt. Since then, GDR introduced its new platform to the consumer receivables industry and now supports more than sixty debt buying and servicing companies in all fifty states. GDR offers a new standard for tracking debt ownership with superior data recording and documentation management capabilities compared to existing systems.

In January of 2011, the company received a provisional patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office on technologies in its most recent platform Release GDR 5.1. GDR is on VISAs Customer Information Security Program List of Compliant Service Providers. Visas Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are the banking industrys highest standards for protecting confidential consumer Personally Identifiable information (PII).

Weve delivered a revolutionary data- and document-management platform with unmatched security and scalabilityeffectively redefining the standards for tracking and managing securitization transactions in the global financial services industry, said Greg Ousley, CEO of Global Debt Registry. Our patent-pending technology delivers integrity to the issuing/originating, servicing, and selling of debt/securities, including tracking mortgage ownership, servicing rights, and related key data and documentation.

The most widely used system for tracking assignments/ownership and servicing rights of mortgages was introduced in 1996 requiring users to participate in little more than an electronic handshake with minimal oversight. The huge growth in demand for mortgage-backed securities created time pressures that led to weak and faulty documentation highlighted in the 60-Minutes piece. GDR recognizes that weakness and designed a system with numerous real-time quality assurance points to ensure transactional integrity, transparency, and protections for all parties. While millions of legacy mortgages and their supporting documentation are destined for the courts in the months and years ahead, 100 percent of GDRs registered mortgages will be managed under the financial industrys most stringent data security requirements in a process proven to meet the federal rules of evidence, including strict adherence to the Pooling and Service Agreement requirements and verification of legally required filings with county recorders.

GDR offers its services to all those seeking a proven, carefully measured solution to the issues facing the securitization industry today. For more information about Global Debt Registry please visit or contact Denis Concannon, Public Relations at 781.413.0002,

Additional Information

For an on line video of the mortgageownership segment broadcast by 60-Minutes, visit CBS News at 60-Minutes. For additional comment regarding the segment, visit CBS News on line at 60-Minutes Overtime.

For a free white paper by Attorney Daniel J. Langin summarizing the flaws in the securitization process that led to the halting of foreclosure cases throughout the country, please visit White Paper 2 – Securitization. In this second paper in a series, Attorney Langin looks closely at securities litigation in MBS, potential tax and trust law violations, and pending legislation with argument for the creation of a new standard for documenting assignment and authenticating ownership of mortgage accounts in securitizations.

About Global Debt Registry

Global Debt Registry was founded in 1996 and is backed by a $ 5 Billion private equity fund. GDRs customizable, patent pending platform provides a comprehensive Data Integrity, Chain of Title, and Turnkey Media Management solution to the Mortgage and Accounts Receivable Industries. Our mission is to deliver significant consumer protections as well as measurable ROI benefits to all of our clients.

About Attorney Daniel J. Langin

Daniel J. Langin is the principle of Langin Law Firm, LLC with more than 22 years of experience in private and corporate practice. Experience includes positions as General Counsel of two technology companies (GeoAccess and, Global IT Law Manager for USF&G and St. Paul Insurance Companies, and several years as a trial lawyer. He has spoken and published on issues of technology and commercial law and policy in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel, and has been quoted by CNN, USA Today, CIO, Computerworld, Boardwatch, and the Boston Business Journal. He is a former member of the Aspen Institutes Internet Policy Project. For more information, see or contact Daniel at (913) 661-2430 or dlangin(at)langinlaw(dot)com.


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Accredited Securitization Analysis Re-Makes and Expands Solution Choices in the Wake of new Judgments vs. Financial institutions in Wrongful Foreclosures and Illegal Financial debt Selection Techniques

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) May possibly seventeen, 2012

CSA, LLC (previously Qualified Securitization Examination, LLC), the top useful resource for consumers in financial debt has re-branded and released their new site at Giving an expanded suite of products which will empower customers in the struggle towards wrongful, and in several circumstances illegal personal debt collection, CSA, LLC now provides securitization audits and analysis masking not only Industrial and Household Actual Estate Financial loans but also Credit history Playing cards, Retail Installment Agreements i.e. Automobile Loans and Pupil Loans.


With over 600* million credit cards currently in circulation in the US by yourself and the common credit history card personal debt for every home standing at near to $ sixteen,000**, a lot of customers are now defaulting on their credit cards. Similar to sub key mortgage lenders, credit rating card issuers have been seeking to improve revenue by lending to individuals who are financially vulnerable and then spreading the hazards by offering off securities based on credit card receivables. The fiscal crisis has lowered homes obtain to credit score, undermining the competitiveness of the credit rating card business. Therefore, credit score card businesses are more most likely to be in a position to demand increased rates without losing all of their clients. Credit rating card businesses will have no incentive to conduct correct underwriting of new accounts, considering that losses can be spread between the existing account holders who have fewer opportunities to alter playing cards. If underwriting is tainted in these conditions, then the securitization procedure is compromised and retains the very same pitfalls as mortgage backed securitization, which prospects to deficiency of standing by the banks and causes wrongful financial debt collection to proceed unmonitored. The buyer loses accordingly.


In the circumstance of retail installment agreements, the automobile bank loan is the most related illustration to mortgage backed securities. Automobile dealerships have often securitized a sizeable part of their customers’ automobile loans – that is, bundling many loans from purchasers into a protection and then promoting the protection as a entire to a larger corporation. Securitizations permit a financial institution to take away credit card debt from its publications and promote them to greater monetary establishments. Not too long ago, numerous automobile purchasers have documented that their interest prices and month to month payment ideas modified as soon as their loans grew to become part of a securitized portfolio. Buried in the fine print of the car financial loan were conditions and circumstances that authorized the securitized portfolio’s supervisor to make these adjustments, and precluding the borrower or auto purchaser from contesting the modify.


Considering that no direct interaction takes place amongst the customer and the large firm that will take more than the bank loan (clients are frequently unaware that their loans had been securitized at all), automobile salesmen have been accused of fabricating the client’s financials in order to near a deal. A latest situation highlighted a single specific whose monthly payments enhanced to $ 425 a thirty day period from $ 250 following their bank loan was portion of a portfolio syndicated to a countrywide bank simply because the dealership had transformed his income details. Living on just $ 800 month to month Social Security disbursement, this individual could not potentially have competent for the loan.


In addition, student debt has now become a nightmare for People in america with the likely to explode as the up coming main US financial crisis as students and personnel searching for retraining in a tough economic market place are borrowing incredible quantities of income via federal and non-public loan applications to aid protect the climbing expense of university and education. Currently out of the $ 1Trillion college student bank loan debt on the books, $ 300 Billion of that debt is currently thirty times or much more earlier because of.


CSA, LLC has recognized that the monetary institutions are now foreclosing on The united states and are not supporting Individuals solve their fiscal financial debt crisis. Were on the securitization roller-coaster and its likely off the tracks quickly as customers plunge further and deeper into financial debt and greedy monetary establishments carry on their wrongful financial debt collection methods. claims Adam J. Meyer, CEO of CSA, LLC. The credit card provisions that have been determined as unfair, misleading, and anticompetitive are not only sending American people more into personal debt, but standing in the way of financial recovery. The financial downturn and financial disaster have accelerated the adverse impacts of these methods on consumers, modest companies and our economic climate as a complete. CSA LLCs new suite of merchandise offerings seeks to battle these monetary establishments wrongdoings and give America again to the buyers. This is our nation and we are not willing to give it up to the banksters.


Previously known as a stalwart in home loan securitization, this new suite of merchandise will additional increase CSA LLCs position in the financial debt collection area and assist the hundreds of thousands of US shoppers who are saddled with unsurmounting credit card, retail installment and pupil bank loan financial debt. It will only take 1analysis from CSAs new merchandise giving suite to put homeowners and people in debt on the right path to reclaiming their properties and guarding by themselves from the wrongful foreclosures and personal debt collection methods of the monetary establishments.


*Supply: “The Survey of Consumer Payment Selection,” Federal Reserve Lender of Boston, January 2010&#thirteen

**Calculated by dividing the overall revolving personal debt in the U.S. ($ 801. billion as of December 2011 information, as shown in the Federal Reserve’s February 2012 report on customer credit rating) by the approximated quantity of households carrying credit score card financial debt (fifty.2 million)


About CSA, LLC:&#13

Started in 2010, CSA, LLC is the major resource for shoppers in debt. Our audits and examination empower buyers and/or their lawful advisors with powerful and actionable methods to defend towards wrongful, and in several cases unlawful financial debt assortment. Our audits and evaluation cover Commercial and Residential Actual Estate Financial loans, Credit rating Playing cards, Retail Installment (Car Loans and Pupil Bank loan) Agreements. For much more info and a free of charge debt investigation and analysis of your existing situation, you should see or get in touch with CSA, LLC at income(at)1analysis(dot)com or call one-888-715-0060.