Securitization Loan Audit

If you discover yourself a victim of high mortgage payments and marvel how you’ll be able to get yourself out of the rut, there’s facilitate. you may need a loan modification that is essentially a re-evaluation of your current mortgage and changing it to fit your current money state of affairs. but some lenders aren’t willing to help you with loan modification as a result of the lender will create extra money foreclosing on you.

There is additionally an occasion that you just have a predatory loan. At the peak of the property boom, several lenders began to interact in practices that were illegal like the securitization of mortgages to achieve profits while not previous approval from the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and additionally participating borrowers to conform to terms that were solely favorable to the lenders. Predatory measures will embody giving a lot of borrowers cash at the next interest rate, hidden terms within the fine print of the agreement that favor the lender quite the borrower and therefore on. A forensic loan audit will uncover whether or not or not, the loan or mortgage is predatory in nature and if the findings indicate that the mortgage was given underneath predatory suggests that, you’ve got a far better probability of negotiating a loan modification.

A securitization loan audit can even assist you in uncovering if your mortgage was wrongfully securitized. Since several lenders were engaged during this observe, several foreclosures are literally illegal and have resulted in several lawsuits being filed for like wrongful foreclosure or quiet title suits. many huge lenders like Countrywide and Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo and others are currently concerned in these varieties of cases.

If you’re yearning for a mortgage loan modification, having a forensic loan audit conducted on your behalf by an skilled auditor will assist you find what reasonably loan modification can work for you. A securitization loan audit can even be used to see if your mortgage was securitized or not.



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