Foreclosure Decision Supports Information in New Book for Troubled Homeowners

Eugene, OR (PRWEB) July 13, 2011

A decision handed down on May 31, 2011 in the case of Herrera v. Deutsch in the California 3rd District Appellate Court in El Dorado, case number C065630, has massive implications for homeowners facing foreclosure. The court ruled that the documents provided by the defendants, Deutsch Bank National Trust Company, and the California Reconveyance Company, were insufficient to prove that that bank had interest in in the property, and thus the right to foreclose and sell the home. This ruling has established an important case law for California about foreclosure and lender’s standing to foreclose. Results for this case can be found at

Author of the Foreclosure Defense Guidebook, Vince Khan, says, This is a great victory for homeowners facing foreclosure in California. In his book, Khan explains, in plain English, the banking worlds claim, or lack thereof, on the housing market. He tells his own story of challenging his lenders, empowering himself and everyone who seeks his guidance to look for alternatives, even when it looks as if none exist. In Foreclosure Defense Guidebook, Khan discusses the legality of the foreclosure process and how banks play off consumer ignorance to take houses which arent actually theirs.

Khan felt it important to release this book in paper format to give even more people access to this information. The people who need this help the most may not have the luxury of a computer with which to read this book.

Foreclosure Defense Guidebook can be purchased on Vince Khans website for $ 12.99 and on An ebook version is available on the website for no cost. For more information or to speak with Khan, please contact him at the address below.

About the Author:

Vince Khan was where millions of other Americans have found themselves recently: foreclosure. He lost his money in two start-up ventures and was unable to make house payments. Searching for a solution, he began researching foreclosures and the specific issue of bank securitization. He compiled his thousands of hours of research into his book, Foreclosure Defense Guidebook: An Easy to Understand Guide to Saving Your Home from Foreclosure.

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