Bluestone Wealth Management Appointed as Transamerica General Agency

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 28, 2010

Bluestone Wealth Management has been appointed as a General Agency for Transamerica to offer its insurance and financial products and services.

The appointment covers a broad array of specific types of policies and classes of business that Bluestone will be handling and underwriting. Transamericas product lines include Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, Survivorship Life, Term Life and Whole Life. Bluestone has developed a comprehensive, flexible and responsive market for insurance agents serving a variety of clients.

We are extremely proud of this appointment, mostly because Transamerica offers highly sought after products and services, said Charles Nam, CEO of Bluestone Wealth Management. Partnering with Transamerica, enables us to expand our platform of commercial products we are able to offer clients and partner-agencies in selected states.

The agreement initially allows Bluestone to underwrite Transamericas insurance product line and be one of the primary distribution outlets for these products through its network of active agencies.

Established in 1906, Transamerica was the first major life insurer on the west coast and is a pioneer in term life insurance. Today, Transamericas name is synonymous with experience, stability, and innovation. Transamerica has over one million policies in-force and financial strength ratings that are consistently at the top.

Bluestone Wealth Management was selected by Transamerica, in part, because of its existing charitable gifting programs and proprietary trust structures that are well aligned with Transamerica products.

With the addition of these and future products from Transamerica, Bluestone Wealth Management has taken another vital step closer to being the go-to choice for agencies insurance needs, by increasing the abundance of its offerings, said William Soady, President of Bluestone America, Inc.

“We are very excited about the appointment by Transamerica, as this new partnership allows us to provide our clients with the finest company, coverage and service and greatly increases our marketplace positioning,” said Mr. Nam.

About Bluestone Wealth Management

Bluestone Wealth Management is a leading financial firm, serving a high net worth client and investor base, and is a provider of an array of financial products and services focusing on financial planning, risk management, investment services and business and retirement strategies. The members of the management and advisory boards of the Bluestone group of companies have broad based expertise in financial business development and banking in the Middle East, United States, South Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other key international financial and business centers.

Bluestones management and advisory board members are multi-cultural representing Asia, South America, North America, Africa and the Middle East. Bluestone America has developed various methods of securitizing asset based long-term real estate development projects using Non-Correlated Longevity Assets. These methods and techniques are proprietary intellectual properties developed and owned by Bluestone America.

About Transamerica

The Transamerica companies are members of the AEGON Group, a multinational insurance organization headquartered in Hague, Netherlands. AEGON is one of the worlds leading life insurance and financial organizations.

Transamerica companies offer a wide array of innovative financial services and products with a common purpose to help individuals, families, and businesses build, protect, and preserve their hard-earned assets. They have built their reputation on solid management, sound decisions, and consumer confidence since 1906. Transamerica is rated A by A.M. Best.

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