CMBS Information Leader Trepp Acquires Foresight Analytics

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 25, 2010

Trepp, the leading provider of CMBS and commercial mortgage information, analytics and technology to the global banking and investment management industry, today announced it has agreed to acquire Foresight Analytics LLC, a privately held, California-based company. Foresight Analytics provides real estate analysis for commercial and residential real estate in both domestic and international markets on behalf of institutional investors, lenders and developers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Foresight was founded by Matt Anderson and Susan Persin, who together have over 40 years of expertise in real estate, banking and capital markets research. The company quickly developed a strong reputation for its global real estate market insights on both the commercial and residential markets as well as the commercial banking industry.

As real estate fundamentals continue to deteriorate, Trepp is committed to expanding the value delivered to our clients, said Annemarie DiCola, CEO of Trepp. Foresight has terrific name recognition and great respect in the marketplace. We expect that they will quickly add even more depth to our offerings.

The acquisition of Foresight offers immediate benefit to Trepp clients by providing deeper and more expansive commercial real estate expertise. Shortly, Foresight Analytics research will be available to clients of Trepps CMBS Analytics and TreppLoan products.

We are delighted to be joining the Trepp team. Trepps market reputation is second to none, said Foresight co-founder Matt Anderson. Susan Persin, co-founder of Foresight, added, This transaction provides Foresight with the scale and resources we need to reach a broader commercial real estate audience to provide more timely and relevant analysis on the shifting CRE landscape.

As the commercial real estate industry navigates this challenging period, Trepp remains committed to providing its clients with superior information and analytics. With Foresight we add complementary know-how that will provide clients with a deeper view of the securitized and non-securitized mortgage markets, added Andy Leibman, Senior Vice President of Trepp.

About Trepp:

Trepp LLC, headquartered in New York City, is an established independent provider of CMBS and commercial real estate information, analytics and technology in the securities and investment management industry. Trepp serves the needs of both the primary and secondary markets by providing one of the largest commercially available trading quality CMBS deal libraries, as well as a suite of products for the CRE derivatives and whole loan markets. Trepp’s clients include broker dealers, commercial banks, asset managers, and investors.

About Foresight Analytics:

Foresight Analytics LLC is a California-based provider of real estate market consulting services. It focuses on real estate market analysis and forecasting, for commercial and residential product types, in both domestic and international markets. Clients are mainly institutional investors, lenders and developers. Foresight offers standardized reports, custom reports and consulting assignments, and senior personnel are also available for presentations and meetings.


Foreclosure Decision Supports Information in New Book for Troubled Homeowners

Eugene, OR (PRWEB) July 13, 2011

A decision handed down on May 31, 2011 in the case of Herrera v. Deutsch in the California 3rd District Appellate Court in El Dorado, case number C065630, has massive implications for homeowners facing foreclosure. The court ruled that the documents provided by the defendants, Deutsch Bank National Trust Company, and the California Reconveyance Company, were insufficient to prove that that bank had interest in in the property, and thus the right to foreclose and sell the home. This ruling has established an important case law for California about foreclosure and lender’s standing to foreclose. Results for this case can be found at

Author of the Foreclosure Defense Guidebook, Vince Khan, says, This is a great victory for homeowners facing foreclosure in California. In his book, Khan explains, in plain English, the banking worlds claim, or lack thereof, on the housing market. He tells his own story of challenging his lenders, empowering himself and everyone who seeks his guidance to look for alternatives, even when it looks as if none exist. In Foreclosure Defense Guidebook, Khan discusses the legality of the foreclosure process and how banks play off consumer ignorance to take houses which arent actually theirs.

Khan felt it important to release this book in paper format to give even more people access to this information. The people who need this help the most may not have the luxury of a computer with which to read this book.

Foreclosure Defense Guidebook can be purchased on Vince Khans website for $ 12.99 and on An ebook version is available on the website for no cost. For more information or to speak with Khan, please contact him at the address below.

About the Author:

Vince Khan was where millions of other Americans have found themselves recently: foreclosure. He lost his money in two start-up ventures and was unable to make house payments. Searching for a solution, he began researching foreclosures and the specific issue of bank securitization. He compiled his thousands of hours of research into his book, Foreclosure Defense Guidebook: An Easy to Understand Guide to Saving Your Home from Foreclosure.

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Rosen & Rosen Releases Information on Understanding the Foreclosure Process

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) October 04, 2011

The news articles about the foreclosure crisis going on in our country are rampant but what most of them do not relay is that the situation in Florida is many ways worse than in any other state. According to the latest statistics released by the Mortgage Bankers Association, Florida accounts for 23.7% of all foreclosures nationwide; which correlates to 466,454 homes. Not only is this the largest number of any other state, it is larger than the total number of loans in 22 other states combined. According to statistics from the Office of State Courts Administrator, as of June 30th, Florida’s courts are backed up with a caseload of 260,815 cases plus an additional 117,000 fresh cases have been filed since then. Couple that with the termination of special court funding for foreclosure cases which took effect on July 1st and it appears the crisis in Florida is only getting worse.

So how did this backlog swell to such an enormous figure? Why does it take so long for a bank to foreclose? This was not always the case, right? Before Wall Street started selling shares of stocks in pools of mortgages through a process known as securitization, foreclosures could be handled within a few months. Now, according Evan M. Rosen of Rosen & Rosen, due to the banks rush to profit and lack of proper simple documentation required in any real estate or mortgage transfer, as well as the lack of complicated documentation required as a result of the securitization process, no one knows how long some cases will take because in many instances no one can properly prove who is entitled to foreclose.

Like every other plaintiff in any civil lawsuit, the plaintiff has the burden to prove all elements of their case by a preponderance or greater weight of the evidence. In a foreclosure action, the entity entitled to foreclose must successfully prove by this standard, among other things, that they are the proper party; the entity or person actually entitled to receive payments due under the terms of the note; and/or the party entitled to foreclose. This is generally referred to as legal standing and often, the banks cannot prove they have it.

Below is a chart illustrating the time periods in the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process in Florida as prepared by Rosen & Rosen, P.A.


Day 1 Payment due, no payment made

Day 7-10 Call from lender/mortgage servicer

Day 16 Late charges begin to accrue

Day 20-25 Call and letter from lender/mortgage servicer

Day 30 Default reported to credit bureaus and lender/mortgage servicer sends second letter

Day 40 Lender/mortgage servicer sends letter with payment options

Day 60 Lender/mortgage servicer sends demand letter or acceleration notice, credit bureaus update their reports

Day 90 Lender/mortgage servicer sends file to attorney, credit bureaus update their reports

Day 90+ – Any time after 90 days the entity claiming their entitlement to foreclose can file suit. In many instances, this process alone can take more than 12 months, having competent counsel to point out various deficiencies typically has the effect of lengthening this process even more.


Day 1 – Complaint and Lis Pendens are filed and served with a summons on the property owner.

Day 20 A responsive pleading is due. If not filed, plaintiff moves for default judgment. With competent legal counsel, there can be a multitude of legitimate issues raised via motions, hearings, and discovery requests which would extend this time period greatly.

Day 45 60(if unrepresented by competent counsel) – Court schedules hearing for default judgment and at the hearing enters final judgment of foreclosure. By statute, the court should order the sale of the property on a specified day within 20-35 days of the order. However, sales can still lawfully take place later than 35 days and are sometimes taking many months after the order is entered.

Day 80 95(if unrepresented by competent counsel, under a more typical timeline) Notice of sale published once a week for two consecutive weeks in local publication, with last posting at least 5 days prior to sale; auction sale conducted; winning bidder applies 5% deposit from funds advanced electronically prior to sale and then pays the rest by noon the following day. Dade, Broward and Palm-Beach Counties conduct their auctions online. Certificate of sale is filed promptly after sale and right of redemption ends when certificate of sale is filed.

Day 105(if unrepresented by competent counsel, under a more typical timeline) Ten days after filing certificate of sale, certificate of title is issued title vests, no further action necessary unless property is still occupied.

Day 106 -119(if unrepresented by competent counsel, under a more typical timeline) 1 -14 days after certificate of title issues, if property still occupied, sheriff posts a notice to vacate/writ of possession.

Day 119 140(if unrepresented by competent counsel, under a more typical timeline) 1 21 days after notice to vacate, sheriff vacates the property.

If, on the other hand, the entity seeking to foreclose is not the same entity as the original mortgagee or lender, and the owner has retained competent counsel, this process can take years, if the bank is ever able to foreclose

The above is just an overview to help understand the current state of the foreclosure process. For more details or if you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to call or e-mail the author of this article for more information.


Thetica Systems Provides Infrastructure to Speedily Build Bond Analytics and Information Investigation Programs for Ab muscles/CLO/RMBS/CMBS

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

In the entire world of structured finance, integrating bond analytics types with all the necessary information sources and cashflow APIs can be a irritating and hard experience. A lot time is missing striving to locate sources to build a system that fulfills enterprise demands, or build an interior remedy to price tag bond portfolios rapidly.


As a longtime, seasoned data integrator, Thetica Programs has developed a totally purposeful established of infrastructure parts that avoid this stress and squander. Within a handful of months, and at much less than the expense of reinventing the wheel by means of interior development, consumers can have a full-fledged method working higher speed analytics on personalized cashflow scenarios that they designate.


Business co-founder and CEO Ariel Yankilevich stated, “Our clients can emphasis on their enterprise logic with out obtaining to worry about how exterior knowledge and API changes may possibly influence the way their bond analytics complete. We have observed clients that were striving to locate very good cashflow API developers, a unusual and pricey expertise. With Thetica Programs, our customers can jumpstart to a scalable and sturdy remedy much faster than attempting to build one particular from scratch. And we consider care of employing and keeping all the info connections so that they dont require to scramble for sources every single time something adjustments.”


This system permits an investor or broker-seller to very quickly recognize and evaluate all of the collateral supporting a structured finance securitization. &#13

Components read through information from numerous sources into a database, along with equipment to run innovative cashflow calculations. &#thirteen
The high-velocity cashflow analytics motor runs a number of bonds and serves a number of person requests at the same time with no functionality degradation. &#13
It permits automation for calculations on the entire universe of bonds or any required subset via batch scripts, and supports user-described scenarios for CLOs, RMBS, CMBS, Stomach muscles, and Reremics like running vectors at little one stages. &#thirteen
Results are obtainable through a basic-to-use XML interface. &#13
The infrastructure can operate at shopper servers or on the cloud.

Present clientele and end users have testified that these resources are highly flexible, allowing them to integrate vectors from inside models to run automatically and with out any coding, and permitting use of eventualities in any bucketing scheme that can be designed. Libraries are entirely multithreaded for quite speedy benefits in advertisement hoc or recurring calculation jobs.


Thetica Techniques integrates customer-accredited data from Intex, IDC, BlackBox, CoreLogic (Bank loan Performance and their predictive vectors), Bloomberg (via the Backoffice knowledge feed), 5 Bridges (predictive vectors), Lewtan/Ab muscles.Net, MarkIt and Reuters (each pricing information for CLO NAV), Opera Answers, Equifax (improved financial loan degree knowledge), Normal &amp Poors, TransUnion, AdCo and Trepp.


Those intrigued in a reside demonstration may make contact with the company by mobile phone at 727-724-4182 or e mail Sales(at)Thetica(dot)com. A current Company Day online video on the company is also offered for viewing.


Thetica from the Greek letter Theta which means Believed, Lifestyle Power and Cause and the phrase Etica which signifies Ethics. Imagined, reason and ethics are important aspects of any successful business and dedication to this principle is embedded in the companys identify.


About Thetica Programs: &#13

As Wall Road securitization pioneers, Thetica Systems understands the demands of Abdominal muscles industry participants. Its consumers contain investment decision banks, hedge cash, insurance firms, money management, brokers, sellers, and other individuals that spend in or keep track of structured finance securities, with consumers from traders and investing desks, task professionals, analysis and solution controllers to chance managers, regulatory reporting and IT.


Greenberg Traurig Gets Most General 1st-Tier Rankings in the 2013 U.S. Information Ideal Lawyers Very best Regulation Organization Listings

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 02, 2012

For the second consecutive calendar year, intercontinental legislation company Greenberg Traurig, LLP gained the most overall first-tier rankings and the most very first-tier metropolitan rankings for the United States in the U.S. Information Media Team and Greatest Lawyers

Legal Authoritys Employment Information Mirrors ADP Figures for Lawful Market Growth

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) January ten, 2013

The ADP released its employment figures for December final Thursday, indicating that 215,000 jobs had been additional to the U.S. financial system in December. 37,000 employment ended up included in professional and business providers, a category that includes authorized companies. Growth in the lawful sector is independently supported by task opening data from Lawful Authority.


Lawful Authority, a leading legal jobsite, constantly monitors and tracks the openings in the lawful occupation market and initiates specific mailings on behalf of occupation seekers to authorized businesses. The hiring information from Authorized Authority reports sixteen,771 law organization openings and 10,656 in-residence legal task openings as on day. The task site also stories thirteen,856 legal work openings in government corporations and two,825 authorized employment in public desire businesses.


According to labor figures released by ADP, private sector work additional 215,000 employment in December. Service-providing industries extra 187,000 positions in December, and medium companies of fifty-499 employees noticed the most employment gains, with 102,000 of Decembers jobs coming from this class. The ADP figures highlighted expansion in the professional and enterprise services, with 37,000 employment added December in a group that includes lawful sector employment.


This increased demand arrives at a time when the legal industry has been beleaguered with news of a tough job market, especially for entry-amount lawyers. The December figures indicated modest growth in the lawful marketplace and had been particularly welcome news for modern law university graduates.


As the financial system starts to decide up, particular sectors of law have shown elevated desire. Transactional lawyers and these with knowledge in genuine estate are enduring distinct need for providers. We have been seeing substantial growth in transactional regulation, claims Harrison Barnes, CEO of This is a direct outcome of company activity finding up. Weve also observed need for actual estate lawyers, specially those with finance encounter.


As the housing marketplace carries on to recover and homes turn into available on the marketplace, several of these transactions can be difficult, involving information of mortgage loan securitization sand bridge financial loans that goes over and above the breadth of a common actual estate agent. Demand for true estate legal solutions has appear about as a outcome. In a similar vein, transactional regulation has developed as recovering companies count on company lawyers to decipher bigger, a lot more complicated company deals, like mergers and acquisitions.


Work in the legal sector is forecast to develop even more powerful in the subsequent handful of weeks, as hiring for legal professionals is historically sluggish among Thanksgiving and New Year and picks up once again in January after regulation corporations finalize their annual hiring budgets. Attorneys who are pondering about leaving could pick to do so in January, soon after obtaining their stop-of-the-12 months bonuses, which opens up far more positions and provides to the fluidity in the authorized industry. Congress previous-minute passage of the price range monthly bill this week may also spur employing by companies who have waited to provide in new staff thanks to uncertainty over the fiscal cliff. All of this spells excellent information for latest legislation college student graduates seeking for employment in what has been an admittedly tough task market. Legislation pupil employment may possibly nonetheless not be at the figures they were at a decade back, but based on the most modern work figures, there is growth if you know where to appear.