EquityBuild Announces Plan For Time Expiring “GO Zone” Tax Incentives

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) September 25, 2008

Florida-based EquityBuild is a real estate investment company that is offering investors a plan to take advantage a special government tax shelter program that runs out at the end of 2008.

With the passage of the Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Aid of 2005 and the Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone Act of 2005, Uncle Sam extended a golden opportunity to shelter up to $ 25,000 of taxable income through a generous 50% first-year depreciation deduction for residential rental property located in areas impacted by the 2005 hurricane season.

This is in addition to the normal straight-line depreciation deduction. To top it off, the allowance is deductible even against the alternative minimum tax. It doesn’t get any better than that.

But it can get worse. Congress gave this jewel-of-a-tax break a short shelf-life, setting a sunset date of December 31, 2008. “A turnkey program makes participation in the benefits of income property ownership very easy for a person like me who does not have a tremendous amount of expertise in the field,” says Ramon Blanco, a network systems analyst living in Naples, Florida. “By taking advantage of that 50% depreciation bonus, I figure we can probably save ourselves about $ 15,000 in income taxes this year.”

“I’m already reaping significant tax benefits, realizing savings both last year and this year,” says David Wilson, who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and works in the information technology industry. “This tax savings is a very key element of the business model for the equity-building program I’m involved with.”

Turnkey specialists facilitate the tax savings

The program Wilson refers to is southwest Florida-based EquityBuild, Inc. Founded and managed by real estate investor Jerry Cohen. Having handled more than 1000 transactions within his 25 years in real estate, Cohen perfected a proprietary econometric model that identifies undervalued and outperforming markets. His EquityBuild program is one of the first and largest of its kind to link individual investors with qualifying homes in the GO Zone. As few investors have the time to hop a plane to the Gulf coast, negotiate a house purchase, renovate it and lease it before December 31, a program such as this succeeds by quickly handling all aspects of the process, from soup to nuts.

“The fact that they take care of the details is really wonderful, making it very easy to invest,” says Sue Horowitz of Naples, Florida. “As a real estate agent, I’ve done property management before, and have been involved with other investments that were horrendous. But with a program like EquityBuild I never have to worry about anything. They handle it for me.”

Of course, the foundation for succeeding with any real estate investment involves identifying the ideal community in which to invest. Any of 91 counties within the three state area will qualify for the 50% depreciation allowance, but hooking up with one that represents a good long-term investment vehicle with potential appreciation and a good income stream demands a higher level of due diligence.

In the case of EquityBuild, Cohen targeted Jackson, Mississippi as the bull’s-eye for investment success–for good reason. In 2006, Partners for Livable Communities identified Jackson as one of America’s “Top 30” communities in which to live. Considering economics only, the 2000 census pegged the median single-family home price in Jackson at $ 64,400, making it the ninth most undervalued metro region in the U.S. According to a March 2007 housing valuation report by National City Corporation, Jackson ranked in the top three percent of 317 metro areas for housing affordability.

By collecting the rents and maintaining the properties long after the initial lease is signed, these programs encourage investors to hang in for the long run. Flipping is discouraged in favor of traditional value-based cash-flow real estate investing that possesses the potential for appreciation. The fact that the investor actually holds title to each property–as opposed to a securitized interest in a pool of homes–also serves to foster a sense of ownership for the duration.

If Jackson’s appeal as a sure-fire income property location offers reason enough to invest there; the generous depreciation allowance acts as icing on the cake. To ensure that the maximum tax benefits accrue to the investor, these turnkey programs provide all the accounting information necessary to cash in on this once-in-a-lifetime tax windfall. Those who require even more assurance that every move complies with IRS regulations are usually referred to qualified CPAs who specialize in the GO Zone depreciation allowance.

“I own seven houses right now, most in Jackson, Mississippi, continues Wilson. “These tax benefits are pretty aggressive, so it’s kind of refreshing to have someone guide you. The house selection, the property management, the tax advice; all those elements are steered by EquityBuild. You only have to get a little involved in financing and signing documents, but otherwise it’s pretty hands-off.”

A Real Estate Investor wishing to take the IRS up on its offer needs to act fast.

For more information, contact EquityBuild, Inc. at (800) 261-0648 or visit http://www.equitybuild.com

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National Mortgage Complaint Center Warns All US Homeowners About Refinancing Scams Foreclosures & Says Time for Justice for Greedy Banks

(Vocus/PRWEB) February 01, 2011

The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “as we enter 2011 we have a lot of really serious concerns related to US homeowners, consumers wishing to purchase a home, and accountability for what got us into this mess in the first place. Things have not improved, and if not the homeowners-the taxpayers should be steamed.” They say, “what concerns us is Federal, or State Law Enforcement are doing little, to nothing about mortgage refinance scam artists, or foreclosure scam artists offering access to interest rates that do not exist, and or foreclosure programs, that require money up front-for nothing.” They say, “what do state, or federal regulators, who are supposed to be protecting consumers, do all day long? They sure and the hell are not doing much to regulate all of this nonsense, and we think all US homeowners, and or taxpayers better wise up. One way, or another you are all paying for this baloney, and will be for as long as you live.” http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.com

Refinancing: The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “we think now would be a very smart time to refinance, because we think the realities of the Middle East meltdown mean much higher oil prices, inflation, and interest rates. Even if the US stock market has a meltdown-we think rates are going up-not down–because a Middle East meltdown probably means higher oil prices, and inflation.” They say, “if you see some advertisement for a 3% mortgage-its not a 30 year fixed product, we consider it to be false advertising, and its high time federal, or state regulatory agencies shut these firms down for false, or misleading advertising.” http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.com

Foreclosures: The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “in 2011 we will see a record, or close to a record number of foreclosures. We expect an additional price decline of about 10% nationwide. The true national unemployment rate is north of 15%. Add in the Middle East meltdown, and 2011 is starting to look like a train wreck.” They say, “and no–if someone has not made their mortgage payment for a year, or more-why should it be the taxpayers responsibility to bail them out?” However, the National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “there is one exception to this not paying your mortgage payment. In this instance, it applies to 10,000’s of US homeowners stuck in a home with toxic Chinese drywall in the US Southeast. Haven’t heard about toxic Chinese drywall? Well there is a good reason why most US citizens have not yet heard about the toxic Chinese drywall disaster–President Obama has forgotten to mention it one time in public since taking office. Not to worry-we think its in all 50 states-so everyone will know about it one of these days.” They say, “toxic Chinese drywall is the absolute worst environmental disaster to ever impact US homeowners, and here’s the good part—–US banks stuck with a toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures in places like Florida–are simply reselling these toxic homes-As Is-no mention of the fact the home could be lethal to the homeowner, or their children-so the house just becomes a foreclosure all over again.” For more information on the toxic Chinese drywall disaster please visit the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.com.

On The Topic Of Greedy Banks Investment Bankers & Accountability: The National Mortgage Complaint Center says, “in case you missed it, all of the big time Wall Street investment bankers, banks, international finance people had a big party in Switzerland last week. Apparently they all had a really good 2010. There is one slight problem, we think the US taxpayer picked up the bar tab.” They say, “back in 2006-even 2007, US securities rating agencies were giving questionable Alt A mortgages a triple A rating, just so foolish pension funds would buy these soon to be greatly discounted, or worthless securitized mortgages.” The group says, “the same people/firms at the free bar in Switzerland last week, were telling investors, and the US consumers, the US real estate party would go on forever back in 2006, and even 2007. They were all lying through their teeth, and now the US taxpayer gets stuck with trillions? We say its time for indictments!” http://NationalMortgageComplaintCenter.com

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Direct Money Slashes Finance Transaction Time with eSignatures

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) June 8, 2010

Immediate Capital, a leading nationwide provider of business lending companies, has launched a new digital documentation method that enables its customers to securely execute lease, mortgage, and operating money transactions electronically. The system, the first of its sort in the products leasing industry, is significantly minimizing turnaround time for organization clients and offering significant value personal savings for the firm.


“We have released the most streamlined, convenient lending procedure available to companies these days,” said James Broom, Main Govt Officer for Immediate Funds. “This was a major endeavor that considerably improves the efficiency and expertise for organizations when they want to accessibility money. Equally as crucial, we have also improved our industry top competency in fraud detection.”


In accordance to Broom, the initiative has lowered the consumer documentation processing time from 5 times to 5 several hours on typical. “It really is a win-get for all get-togethers,” he stated. “We are completing transactions with remarkable velocity even though lowering charges concerned with convey delivery services and expensive mistakes, and we are also drastically decreasing our impact on the environment.”


The new method has also been very properly received by Immediate Capital’s seller partners, in accordance to Shawn Arnone, Vice President of Company Growth for Immediate Money. “We have a huge base of vendors/dealers who offer financing to their consumers making use of our solutions,” said Arnone. “You can think about how happy they are to obtain a obtain get the very same day they submit an software to us. We are even providing identical day payments in some instances. This is a match-changing effectiveness in the seller income cycle.”


According to Broom, the initiative was constructed via a partnership with electronic options provider eOriginal. “Our vendor choice hinged on the capacity to produce strong eSignature technology and administration jointly with a reliable repository,” he said. “eOriginal has a prolonged and successful history supplying the capacity to transfer and securitize electronic loan transactions. eOriginal is a single of the best technological innovation companions we have ever labored with.” Broom also mentioned that Direct Cash has efficiently implemented the method with its secondary marketplace funding resources.


“Partnering with Direct Capital on these kinds of a extraordinary and successful business approach transformation has given both companies the chance to showcase our strengths in the finance industry,” mentioned Steve Bisbee, CEO of eOriginal. “We recognized the depth of the Direct Money commitment when we saw their owing diligence in confirming lawful, audit and secondary market place requirements and their need to integrate only the ideal methods.


About Immediate Capital


Set up in 1993, Immediate Capital gives specialty finance solutions, such as cash products leasing, business loans, working funds, and service provider income advances. Direct Funds markets its solutions via direct relationships with organizations and by way of partnerships with franchisors, seller dealers, and companies of money products. Fantastic execution on its extraordinary and unique immediate service delivery product is the cornerstone of Immediate Capital’s achievement in an increasingly commoditized fiscal solutions business. Direct Funds is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH with places of work in New York, New Jersey, California and New London, NH. Subscribe to the Immediate Money weblog at http://weblog.directcapital.com. Stick to Direct Cash on Twitter at http://twitter.com/directcapital.


About eOriginal


eOriginal supplies innovative electronic signature, vaulting and digital transaction remedies that are tamper-sealed, auditable and legally enforceable through both a SaaS or as an on premise software model. eOriginal SmartSign